About Us

DR Meat Mart is run by D & R Agricultural Farm Pvt Ltd based in Kathmandu Nepal, we are specially dealing with fresh and frozen meats, Live and Fresh Fish Products.

Our aim is to provide the best possible healthy and hygienic products to the customers and we are working hard every day to make sure that we deliver the best products to our clients at all time.

We believe that every customers deserve to have the best products to be consumed for itself and to its loved ones so the DR Meat Mart is committed to provide the best to its valued customers and to deliver the best DR Meat Mart teams are working hard every day in all required manners to comply its commitment.

Our Skills


At Every steps that occurs to produce the best products, from Grazing / Farming / Selection of Healthy animals / Butchering and selling to customers.

Our Ratings

Grazing 99%
Farming 99%
Selection of Healthy Animals 99%
Butchering and selling to customers 99%